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SAM-I-Am-LogoNo more false dichotomies. It’s time for a real conversation about pot. So long as we never, ever legalize it.

“Incarceration or legalization?” “Lock ‘em up, or let ‘em loose?” These phrases have dominated the discussion about marijuana over the past decade among people who do not smoke marijuana. As a result, marijuana-legalization advocates — many of whom are scientists, doctors, people in recovery, disadvantaged communities or young people affected by marijuana use and its policies — have been at the forefront of changing marijuana laws in the United States.

Project SAMUEL is a group of prohibitionists and rehab professionals advocating for a fresh approach that neither legalizes, nor demonizes, marijuana… other than arresting adult users of marijuana and forcing them into our rehabs.

We wish …

To restrict public policy to discussions that maintain arrests for growers and sellers of marijuana.

To have honest conversation about reducing the hard-to-defend injustices of continuing to arrest pot smokers, such as lifelong stigma due to arrest, who really only require temporary disruption in life for the purposes of re-education.

To prevent the establishment of legal American marijuana markets that would check identification of children — and to prevent American businessmen from taking profits from Mexican cartels. Those are the very likely results of legalization.

To promote research of marijuana’s medical properties but restrict its use to profitable pharmacy-produced medications.


  1. According to a recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, nearly six out of ten Americans want marijuana legalization on a widespread scale. In a separate Angus Reid Public Opinion poll published last week, over 60 percent of Americans surveyed said they expect marijuana to be federally permitted within the next decade.

  2. What does SAM hope to rehabilitate anyone to? Complete tea-totalanaryism?
    Oh wait, I get it! Complete pennylessness.

    There’s a strategy! Once we have all of their money, they won’t be able to cause any trouble.

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