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Posted by on Jan 24, 2013 in Child Health | 20 comments

Father risks autistic child’s future, gives him “medical” marijuana

Father risks autistic child’s future, gives him “medical” marijuana

Alex Echols used to beat himself bloody with autistic rage. Then his parents really endangered his health by giving him pot!

Alex Echols used to beat himself bloody with autistic rage. Then his parents really endangered his health by giving him pot! (Photo: KPTV FOX 12)

There is one aspect of the George Soros-owned media’s ceaseless cheerleading for the so-called “medical” use of non-toxic, low side-effect marijuana that saddens us more than any other.

Some parents have been brainwashed into drugging their children with today’s marijuana, which as we all know, is not your father’s Woodstock Weed, Haight-Ashbury Hash, Altamont Herb, Summer of Love Sativa, or Kent State Chronic. As we all know, subjecting children to long-term, heavy doses of marijuana will make them stupid, a potential 8-point drop in IQ when used before age 18!

Now comes this story from KPTV 12 in Portland, Oregon. Jeremy Echols’ little boy, Alex, suffers from a severe form of autistic rage.  From the age of three he has suffered seizures and rage that makes him pound his head into walls and beat himself bloody with his fists.  Since Jeremy lives in Oregon, one of the eighteen states to defy the federal government’s scheduling of marijuana in the same illegal drug classification as heroin and LSD, he has been brainwashed into believing that doping up his child is the best way to deal with his condition.


Alex is now one of 58 minors currently protected under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. While autism is not a qualifying medical condition like cancer or severe pain, in Alex’s case, his seizures were.

And after a few months of treatment, the Echols said they saw a dramatic improvement.

“He went from being completely, yelling, screaming, bloodying his face, to within an hour, hour and a half, he would be playing with toys, using his hands,” he said. “Something that at that time was almost unheard of.”

Jeremy had been treating his son with a panopoly of legal, FDA-approved, real medicines that had numerous unpleasant side effects and no benefit for his self-beatings and seizures, but then gave up and decided to become a federal criminal just to “help” his little boy by subjecting his developing brain to addictive THC.  Now poor little Alex will not be able to play in school orchestra, try out for the football team, or develop his full IQ potential.

Autistic Rage 2

Jeremy Echols restrains his son Alex from ramming his head into walls, when he was treating him with safe, FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. (Photo: KPTV FOX 12)

When the Soros-owned media plays these stories, casual viewers without our credentials in medical science, addiction science, and public policy are hoodwinked by emotional cues into disregarding protocols established for their own good. Sure, it looks like Alex becomes a completely different, calm, laughing little boy who doesn’t beat himself bloody when he uses “medical” marijuana, but that is not how we practice medicine in America.

At Project SAMUEL, we recommend that whoever it is that is involved in the Production, Distribution, Dealing and Sale of Marijuana for Alex’s “medicine” be charged with crimes that “remain misdemeanors or felonies based on amounts possessed.” We call for the immediate law-enforcement raids to hasten the “end of “cannabis clubs” and so-called “dispensaries”” that might be supplying illegal marijuana to treat autistic Alex. And if Alex’s father is found to be in possession of Alex’s medicine, he should be charged with a “civil offense subject to a mandatory health screening and marijuana-education program as appropriate” that could include being “monitored for 6-12 months in a probation program designed to prevent further drug use.

Alex Echols, left, clearly doped up on so-called, not your father's Woodstock Weed, "medical" marijuana.

Alex Echols, left, clearly doped up on so-called, not your father’s Woodstock Weed, “medical” marijuana. (Photo: KPTV FOX 12)

We are not cruel at Project SAMUEL; we recognize that somewhere within the plethora of dangerous, mind-altering cannabinoids and more carcinogens than tobacco smoke (even though Alex doesn’t smoke it), there may be some medically-beneficial compounds within marijuana that are contributing to Alex’s remarkable recovery. That’s why we whole-heartedly support “a variety of marijuana extracts and other cannabinoid preparations” through “an emergency or research FDA IND program” that could be given “fast-track status in the FDA process”, so reliable, trustworthy pharmaceutical companies can help Jeremy get a real prescription medicine paid for through his insurance or out of his own pocket.

Such a “fast-track” process should only take a few months or a year. Surely, Alex Echols can use completely ineffective legal medications and Jeremy can cope with restraining his son and dressing him in helmets until then.  After all, the future IQ and job prospects of a severely autistic little boy are at stake!


  1. If this was a college level essay that you had to turn in for a grade, based on clear development of thesis and supporting argument, you would have gotten an F. I almost thought this article was a joke, like out of The Onion, because it is so difficult to take your tone seriously. Nevermind that you constantly contradict yourself with unfounded opinions and are obviously writing from a biased perspective…bias=untrustworthy source…. and yet you deem yourselves scientifically superior..? Even your word choice is poor for this “argument” which is more like a dubious pie-in-the-sky rant. Example: “Alex’s remarkable recovery”….Alex is recovering from NOTHING. One does not “recover” from Autism.Rather, he is given the opportunity and ability to cope. What silly banter you continue on with about how it is sad that he won’t be able to participate in orchestra or play football since he is taking marijuana medication….are you being intentionally dense??? What about his violent self-inflicted rage do you not understand? The child ALREADY CAN’T EVEN LIVE AT HOME WITH HIS OWN FAMILY..orchestra and football are likely not in his future.
    This article frustrates me to no end, and it’s really not even because I don’t agree with you. I can respect anyone with any opinion if they can intelligently communicate their argument. You did none of the above with this article. I seriously hope you all at SAMUEL can learn to use your brains to think through your thought process here, and learn to stop relying on disconnected reasoning and social dramatics to get your point across– which still remains unclear.

    • You almost thought it was a joke, like out of the Onion?

      Keep thinking…

      • You are awesome! IT’S A PARODY!! People, he is clearly playing on the injustices and problems in our system!

    • Hahahahaha you are so smart compared to the idiot who wrote this article. I wish the person who wrote this article had a child with autism and their child pounded their head into the wall. I hate armchair warriors who judge people. One day I will meet all of you conservative assholes on the battlefield of spirituality, and I am going to jedi mind fuck all of you and shove my light saber up your ass.

      • uhh… and you’re the (notice I got it right & diddunt say your) the adversary?

        Dueling schizophrenics. Oh wait.

    • Some people do not have the ability to comprehend sarcasm or satire unfortunately…

    • *Whooooooosh!*

  2. Hemp enthusiasts are the easiest of targets because they’re into peace and happiness: it’s war vs. peace isn’t it

  3. When I first saw this article I was outraged. Then I dug a little deeper and did some serious soul-searching.

    Project SAMUEL is 100% correct. I hadn’t thought about it properly, but giving Alex a medication that works, but is illegal, is just a horrible thing to do. We’ve decided to stop treatment altogether and start Alex on as many legal drugs as we can.

    What prompted this conversion? Was it the realization that football and symphony weren’t in Alex’s future? Was it the potential and unproven eight-point IQ drop? NO. We realized our little baby was going to become a meth addict.

    Think about it, people! Alex is on POT right now. This is THE GATEWAY DRUG. Do you know what this means? Maybe Alex gets really good at sign language. But what will be the first sentence he forms? Will it be, “I love you”? NO! It will be, “y’all gimme some crack cocaine, dawg.” Imagine the heartbreak of our little boy begging us for more and more drugs, and, having given him pot already, we’d probably have too little willpower to “just say no”. Within a few years he’d be selling his body for heroin. WHEN WILL IT STOP??!?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, PROJECT SAMUEL, FOR SAVING OUR SWEET LITTLE BOY! The next time he beats himself into a coma, we’ll be thinking of how lucky we are that he’s not stoned!

    • Thank you, Jeremy, for finally coming to your senses. Together we can end the senseless abuse of children by doping them up with some crude plant that had never caused a single overdose. You have done a brave thing by going against the opinions of 80% of Americans who think marijuana should be allowed as medicine. Now Alex still has hope for playing in the orchestra, since he’ll now be able to pass the junior high pee tests.

      At least, if you can keep him from beating himself bloody long enough for him to pee in a cup. Maybe by then we’ll have some sort of FDA-approved cannabinoid pharmaceutical that (hopefullY) your insurance can afford that maybe will offer some of the same level of relief as an illegal Schedule I dangerous drug.

      • Are you for real? This must be some kind of “bot” . They insert certain words in places and it comes out like this. I think these people need to have their records examined as well as their heads.

    • People forget that many prescribed drugs are more addictive and all are more deadlier than marijuana. Though I do not agree with giving a child marijuana, I want to make this very clear. MARIJUANA IS NOT A GATEWAY DRUG. This lie has been told so much that people now wave it in the air like a flag as if it were the truth. There are many people who smoked cigarettes before marijuana, so is cigarettes a gateway drug? I know many people that used only marijuana and a very few that have tried other drugs. And you people act like this is a common thing. And Samuel, our current and some former Presidents have used marijuana, the most decorated olympian used marijuana, many of our professional athletes used marijuana. Sure there are those who abuse it, but there are many that do not.

    • I love this!!! I have a severely brain injured son that is diagnosed as severely “autistic”. He developed this severe form of “autism” just after receiving numerous drugs laced with thimersol, aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted babies cells, etc, You can imagine our surprise when he suffered horrible brain inflammation, seizures and severe brain damage from FDA approved neurotoxins. Anywho, we have been forced to try more FDA approved drugs like meth derivatives and benzos to calm him down. Nothing has helped. We have been researching marijuana and came across your article here. Thanks for stopping us before we tried some natural product known to help kids with “autism”! Surely our gov wants only the best for us so we will just use the benzos and wait for the gov to make marijuana safer. Maybe a dash of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, aborted children and some human and animal blood products will do the trick. Thanks again! Must go help my son use the bathroom and then feed him. At 17, he still requires 24 hour a day total care. When will those psych drugs and benzos start to work?

  4. You, my friend, are a dumb ass and took very little time to read the content of the initial story. As Alex’s aunt, I ,too, am saddened that Alex will not be able to play in the school orchestra or try out the football team. Of course my sadness stems from the nature of his disease, not from the tincture his parents have given him.

  5. Are you kidding me? So in your narrow view of the world using pharmacutical drugs that have dangerous side effects are a “safe” method. Did you swallow a whole bottle of Risperdone before you wrote it? If not you should! While you drool over the key board and try to type a coherant thought, you might reflect on which end your brain actually dwells! Big Pharma is making a killing on dangerous drugs to control kids with no safe outcome, and no living condittion worth a damn! You arrogantly believe that because you or your pimple faced darling at home smokes some shit and get off that that is the only use! IT IS NOT, nature gives us many things that help cure the body, as we are organic in nature. If that sounds too hippy dippy to ya, eat another McRib and was it down with diet soda! You pias know it all pukes who think they should be smart for the rest of the world drive me nuts! If you d not have a child with Autism or some oter genetic dissorder SHUT THE FUCK UP! You don’t get to lob your opinions from the sidelines. You know nothing of the struggles and your stupid puritain views of a natural herbal substance sounds STUPID!

    • Sounds like you should put the bong down for just a second and re-read the article. Then take a look at the header images for the site.

      IF you still don’t get it, check this page out:

  6. The Drug Enforcement Administration will look into this, thank you project SAMUEL. We love a good opportunity to rip families apart! Can’t wait to see the look on this kids face when we raid them and shoot their dog and take him away!

  7. I’ve seen the tape of Alex before he gets a dose of cannabis, and after. How can you lie so consistently about cannabis being a bad thing, after seeing him improve so drastically? Are you on prescription drugs? Oh right, you probably are Mr. Patrick Kennedy. Please educate yourself. Look at the numbers that the pharmaceuticals are killing. Cannabis has NEVER killed anyone. It is a FACT, that chemotherapy and radiation kill more people than it saves, by (7 out of 10). YOU have a drug problem, but you want to put people in treatment and jail for using cannabis, a God given plant, as medicine, instead of using the toxic chemicals in pharmaceuticals. I’m guessing you are heavily invested in the Pharmaceutical Industry, otherwise you would not be their advocate. I am so disappointed in you.

  8. Thank you for writing this op-ed Samuel, although I did have to read it twice to realize this wasn’t a serious article.

    My daughter too suffers from self-injurious behaviors. Docs have put her on different anti-psychotics to alleviate the symptoms, but to no avail. She still continues to hit to the point of contusions on her face and head, while causing her hair to break and fall off causing baldness.

    I do not live in a state approving the usage of cannabis as a medical treatment. However, I have found a way to have it delivered to me. Not exactly legal and could probably get me Federal prison time. But, for my child I am willing to give my life. Hers is more important.

    I ordered organic cannabis edibles, which I hope are truly organic. If the federal government would remove cannabis from it’s list of Scheduled drugs perhaps some real research could be done for the treatment of numerous afflictions and ensure it’s cultivation methods. Maybe someday Americans will stop allowing Big Pharma lobbyists to run the government and it will return to the people, to help the people.

    I hope that day is in my daughter’s lifetime…

    I love you Isabella, Daddy

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